Life in deep sleep is life in a story about me and the world as it should be

Social, economic, environmental, interpersonal injustice, desire for no judgment, desire for charity, loving kindness, compassion and decency are the main topics for those who deal with the spirituality superficially, or who have never understood the nature of spirituality.

They complain about the politicians who do not want to give the nurses a higher salary, they complain about people who pollute the environment, in other words they judge the scoundrel for the misery of this world, and at the same time they appeal to others that they should be loving that they shouldn’t judge, that they should spread positive energy and love.

Such inconsistencies are the natural consequence of the lack of self-wisdom, of the lack of self-knowledge, of the very superficial access to spirituality. The mind has filtered some content out of the spiritual wisdom and uses it as it suits it. Sometimes love and kindness, sometimes please do not judge and sometimes: look at these hideous politicians, these hideous people who treat others so badly who pollute the environment.

Life in deep sleep is life in a story about me and the world as it should be, as it supposed to be. Such life will never be more than a half-hearted exploitation of the spirituality.

Unless you wake up. Unless you wake up from the dream about me and the unjust world, the unjust politicians, the condemning evil people. Unless you start observing yourself and the mechanisms that drive you to highlight some spiritual issues and ignore others. The mind sucks the spiritual truths and uses them in the context that satisfies the ego, calms, gives it the feeling of being noble, loving, justified and just.

Very few want to see that all the harm that is seen in the world, all this lack of love, is an exact reflection of what they contain. I can do nothing but just draw everyone’s attention to this fact.

Stop looking for scapegoats and look inside. There you will find everything that you attack so much. Stop telling people to stop judging others. Take a look inside and see the inconsistency of your own thinking and behavior. See how you judge yourself. Just see it, see it.

It would be enough to watch for the rest of your life. You would stop posting silly quotes on Facebook to get some attention and approval. You would have enough to do with your own inner being. There you will find war, greed, hatred, injustice, ambush, and condemnation of the whole world.