Spirituality works with the tools of a true scientist

Spirituality is not concerned with treating symptoms such as depression, anger, grief, illnesses, addiction, selfishness or trying to alleviate them, for example with breathing exercises and other esoteric practices.

 Spirituality goes far beyond that and asks for the origin, both the origin of the symptoms and the origin of everything that is here.

Spirituality is also not really interested in supernatural phenomena and states of consciousness, even if many assume so. It’s actually the opposite. Spirituality is interested in our natural state, which we seem to forget and overlook, since we have been almost completely socialized and conditioned to do so.

Spirituality claims that we are more than just our socialization and conditioning. It shows that we are also much more than the rational and psychological mind including the body in which the mind resides.

Spirituality uses direct experience, much more than the psychological, intellectual, reasoning mind. It wants to get very close to things, ourselves, the world, to reality, instead of just looking at them through the filter of our thoughts. It wants to experience everything directly.

At the end of the day spirituality will bring you back to your natural state as well as to God, but this has nothing to do with our fantasies, ideas, assumptions, or wishful thinking about the natural state as well as about God as a supernatural being.

What the natural state is, and what God really is, can only be found out if you embark on the adventure of spirituality yourself.

Spirituality works with the tools of a true scientist – investigation, inquiry, self-inquiry, observation, discovery, insight, questioning, yet – slightly different than science – it gives rarely attention to the fragments of reality, but much more the whole.

In spirituality life is viewed, investigated and explored in its entirety, with you as an undivided part of it.