You have an option, where do you put attention

Part of what meditation is, as we are sitting there, just being, literally just being.

And when your mind is moving, you see how arbitrary the inner dialog is, how conditioned it is, that it is actually old, old, old. It’s almost automatic.

And when you see it, then you see that it has run your life, it has defined yourself, it has defined the world that you experience.

But you also come to see, that it is inherently empty, in other words it is just thought. It is just spontaneous story-telling. (…)

But when you can just be still, you’ll see that it is just sort of automatic, that there is nothing behind it, there is no actual reality to it, that it’s just the mind creating its stories, and then the body feels those stories, but the more you push against them the stronger they become, and the more you feed them the stronger they become.

So the art of meditation is simply the art of being still, being aware, being awareness itself.

This begins to disengage you from whatever the current story is. And what starts to dawn on you is that there is actually an option. There is an option between the current pattern of thinking and the ground of being in which it arises, the field of awareness in which it arises, the stillness in which it moves. And you see that you have an option, where do you put attention.

And the key to the art of meditation is to neither push nor pull. You just rest.

For many people, when they start to experience what I am talking about, comes as the great surprise to them that they don’t have to struggle, they don’t have to make great effort. That actually the struggles and the efforts just get you more involved in the story, in the seeking.

And so instead of trying real hard, you can actually begin to let go of that kind of efforts. Let go of it in your mind, let go of it in your body.

Each moment that you touch upon that ground of being, that ground of stillness, awareness, without knowing it you are actually touching upon a very powerful, transformational energy. It may seem to be so quiet and still, that it would not have any power, but actually the more quiet and still you become, the more that transformational power is released into your system.

And so in a sense this art of non-doing, of effortless stillness is itself an act of faith, of trust. In the certain sense it’s the highest form of prayer. Completely wordless.

And the trust is that something can happen. Transformation can happen without me trying to make it happen. That it is actually inherent in the structure of life. That if one just rest deeply enough, if one can become effortless enough, then this quality of transformation can do its work. Its work of awakening, its work of clearing out the old structures of the mind, the old structures of identity, the old structures of belief. Simply by being effortlessly still, you release this power of transformation.

– Adyashanti –