Is it only through this identification with the body and mind that we can look at everything else that is here?

Self-centeredness seems to me to be one of the most important issues in this beautiful world. But what is this self-centeredness at all? And is it really necessary?

It seems that self-centeredness starts with the main focus on the particular body, that one feels to be. This follows the focus on the particular mindset, meaning – particular thought-set that seems to take place in this body. The main focus seems to become an identification which we call “me”.  

In other words from this identification with the body and mind arises focus on something we call “me” and “myself”. And from myself the story arises, a story about my life. And from this story all other stories arise that have built up in relation to the first. Stories about my body, my mind, my personality, my house, my country, my family, my merits and fiasco, story about me and the others, me and the politicians, me and the world.

I recognize that a certain identification with the body and even the personality are natural and possibly even necessary. It is not only imagined, but very clearly felt that there is a body that needs food, that has certain needs, that a certain structure, a certain personality, certain way of talking, behaving have developed over the years, that certain talents are slumbering, that certain skill are there.

So there seems to be something individual. Something we call a human. Something seemingly physical separate from the rest, certain perceived boundaries between the body, and what surrounds the body.

In my view the body and the mind are wonderful instruments. But are they really worth our full attention? Is it necessary to focus our entire main focus on it?

And most of all: Is it really the only way to look? Is it only through this identification with the body and mind that we can look at everything else that is here? It is the only necessary way to look? That would be the main questions.

Don’t we perceive very limited in this way, when we look through our identification wit the “me”? Can’t we see how restrictive it is, only to circle around me and my life and the others in relation to me? Don’t we see how narrow such an little universe actually is?

How about if we were able to step out of this little universe from time to time, and face the world as it really is? Not our world, not me and my world, but THE WORLD? Is it possible?

That would be the spiritual access of which I write on my website. To see if one is able to perceive the world, without the “me”. And the ability, if it is there would be the spiritual awakening of which I am talking on my website.

All this requires our attention, our interest, our wondering and finding out if there actually is a different way of looking at the world than through the filter of the limited “me”. I myself know, that this is possible, and I know how tremendous life changing it is to discover this different way of looking.

The question remains: Can you too discover it for yourself? And if so, what is it that is looking at THE WORLD? If it’s not you, the “me”, if it is not Peter or Mary, you think yourself to be, what is it that is looking from behind those eyes?

Please, don’t try to think about it, but look. The answer is in the looking itself.