I plunged into this exciting adventure called life

Why write, read about and contemplate life, living and being? Maybe because it brings more beauty, freshness, innocence clarity to our lives? Perhaps because it opens up new perspectives for us, and shows that, where we thought we already know what things are, we don’t really know? And now suddenly start to rediscover life anew? Is it really so much better to live in habits and old, dusty knowledge than in the freshness of this constantly unfolding and renewing life?

Apparently were we neither raised nor conditioned to live in this way, or simply, for inexplicable reasons, forgot to trust our direct experience and the exploring spirit. Therefore there is need for reminding ourselves of the those forgotten powers of observation and contemplation, we inhabit. And we truly do inhabit great powers. Why not remind each other of it?

Of course the individual maturity and willingness will determine whether one is ready to open up for life, and live it according to the own observation and experience, or whether one rather believes blindly some authorities that speak of life, imitating their ways of thinking. The first is living in freshness, creativity, the second – in a self-made prison. The choice is ours. It all depends on our openness and ability to watch and listen, not with the conditioned, thinking mind only, but ready to observe, contemplate and examine all what we see and hear directly.

I have been told and taught so much about what life is and what it is not. So much information was forced into my skull. Very often contradictory information, which has rarely harmonized with what I’ve seen around me. So one day I opened my eyes and mind and started to look. And what I realized was, that life is a mystery and we cannot grasp one percent of it with our minds, even we try it again and again. And I plunged into this exciting adventure called life, which I have not regretted for a minute.