You are here exactly where you should be, and that is your reality here and now.

It is actually quite simple. You have already arrived here and now while reading these words. You are already in the state of freedom, in the fulfilled, joyful state of being without adding anything to it. You are life.

You are here exactly where you should be and that is your reality here and now.

The question is whether you want to see it, and want to be here in full awareness. Whether you desire to see and experience the reality of yourself here and now, wheteher you wish to be consciously surrounded by what is here. Or whether you prefer to find yourself somewhere else. In the realm of imagination, in a fragment of reality.

Or perhaps you are still looking for more. You think that there must be something more and better in the future. Then you have to go on a search again with the hope of finding what you want. And you will come to suffer even more. You will also experience pleasure, but also suffering, because suffering always comes from the search for more, which is a subtle resistance to what is right now.

In the end your search either brings temporary relief in the midst of suffering, or complete disillusionment.

And then you can start all over again. Here and now. Like right now. You are here. And if that’s enough for you, you can now familiarize yourself with the reality, explore it.

Once again; what is the reality? You, whatever you are, wherever you are and what seems to be around you. Can you see it? Do you want to see it? That is your reality, so often underestimated, so often overlooked, ignored. But maybe you can do it differently. You can open your eyes and open your ears and EXPERIENCE this reality. Examine. Taste. Hear. Or you refuse it and devote yourself to the thoughts, speculations, or to the further search.

It’s your choice. The chance to stop and be here and now, fully awake, fully realized and fulfilled.

This chance you will get at any moment. Will you take it?