The “bad man” stays the “good man’s” job

As much as I am grateful to the popular, beloved spiritual teachers for their decisive, awakening words, as much as I admire the art of formulation some of them have, I do not see for myself the general and growing awakening of consciousness in humans of which Mooji, Leonard Jacobson and some others talk. I don’t believe in anything that…Continue reading The “bad man” stays the “good man’s” job

Psychological Fear

Fear is one of the greatest obstacles to a fulfilled life. By fear I mean mainly the psychological fear that hinders each creativity, development, joy, observation, reflection, contemplation and discovery. Psychological fear and anxiety may have many apparent causes. It can be deeply rooted in the subconscious, it can come from earlier experiences or from fixed, ingrown beliefs. Psychological fear…Continue reading Psychological Fear

The only way to peace and serenity

First you have to see that your beliefs, convictions, knowledge about yourself and life, has not given you the fulfillment und happiness, your heart was yearning and longing for. Only a mature being, that has experienced a certain degree of disillusionment with the worldly things, can walk this path. If you still believe that the world and the things outside…Continue reading The only way to peace and serenity