If you don’t know how to tie a bow yourself, it’s easy to say that to tie a bow is impossible

All the voices you will find here, on this page, including my own, are only here, so that you look for yourself, examine and discover.

 If you only agree on what you read without examining it for yourself, so it is not an intelligent way to read what I offer. Or if you wish to disagree or discuss what you read, based on what you assume to know, what you believe to know, but have never examined sufficiently, so you have not understood the purpose with that what I suggest.

I may and many voices may conclude or even claim a lot. What we conclude and claim is based on the insight of our own experience, and therefore we are neither interested in proving it or arguing about it. But what we say is useless for you, as long as you just take it in, consume, entertain yourself with, comfort yourself with, accept it as true or as bullshit without a question mark.

Only you yourself can find out if that, what you will find here, can also become your own observation, contemplation, experience. Only you can see for yourself and say if it is true for you too. And the voices you find here are just a suggestion to encourage your own observation.

I may even claim, that if you will observe, examine, and question as I and the other voices on this page suggest, you will come to the same or similar insights, you will come to the  same or similar conclusions, but this too you have to experience for yourself. In this sense, nothing you find here is true as long as it is not true for you. Even if it sounds good to you and you feel a certain resonance, it is worthless if you haven’t started to get to the bottom of things yourself.

Many people in the spiritual scene have never understood this crucial truth. They adopt the wisdom and conclusions of others as they best suit them at the given moment or to justify themselves and their own beliefs. Later, when the conclusions stop to be useful for their selfish purposes, they reject the same wisdom, the same conclusions, declare them useless, meaningless, or even harmful, like a certain Advaitaholics Anonymous on Facebook, which serves as a good example of how lack of self-examination ends in twisted assumptions and misunderstandings of the words of others.

I use Advaitaholics Anonymous as the last known example that I could observe on Facebook before I left it, because – alike many others – it offers all those in search of happiness, peace and zest for life a cunning explanation of why the self-exploration, awareness, spirituality, inquiry that the mystics suggest, is a fraud.

Such people encourage others to be passive and dull, cynical and sarcastic. They encourage those, who just started to wake up a little from the dream of conditioning, and who perhaps found some obstacles on their way, to go back to the deep sleep of cultural programming in the midst of all the trash of unchecked beliefs, destructive thinking and acting. All this just because they themselves could never break out of the self-made prison.

But the truth is, as my husband once said, that if you don’t know how to tie a bow yourself, it’s easy to say that to tie a bow is impossible or even harmful.

And so the examination, the observation, the inquiry, the questioning end before they even started.

Therefore: agreeing or rejecting what you read here is a convenient solution for the ignorant, not really intelligent, restless, limited ego-mind which is always looking for comfort, and for more of it. A person with such a mind will never be able to take responsibility for his own mind, his own actions and his own life.

Agreeing or rejecting what you read here would be not enough for an open, courageous mind that wants to explore and experience directly.

You decide whether you want to use your time to explore, or whether you would rather agree with others and feed yourself on concepts made by others. You decide how authentic or how imitative you wish to be.

I can only encourage you to open your eyes and senses and to see for yourself. Thinking comes later. First see and hear. I challenge your firmly anchored beliefs, I tweak you, I provoke you, maybe I even annoy you, but all this, so that you wake up from your comfortable, cozy, lazy sleep and look and experience.

When I say that I want to shake you out of your comfortable sleep. A sleep, rooted in blind beliefs about yourself and life. When I say that you can wake up from this sleep, does that mean that people like me never run the risk of falling into the same sleep again? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. There is never a guarantee that once awakened, and seen life with fresh eyes, you will never again succumb to the ignorance and blindness of mechanistic, conditioned thinking, which only leads to suffering and selfishness.

But even if those who have recognized the origin of all love and serenity, who report, speak, write, encourage others to find this origin for themselves, but then they themselves fall for the ego mind, and act in ignorance, it does not mean that their words, which were formulated in moments of absolute clarity, are not true , and are not worth investigating for their truthfulness.

Peace, joy, love, selflessness lie in the realm where ego-mind, unchecked convictions and identification with “me and my little life story” are not, or at least no longer play a significant role.

And if I ever should have forgotten that again, maybe you are there to remind me of this and pull me out of the tunnel of self-centeredness, tension and suffering.