An open, vast field of awareness

What is awareness? Awareness is there, where you are now, as well as there, where I am now. It is what is reading these words right now, as well as what is registering everything else, that is going on around you and around me.

Awareness of everything that is here and can be seen, felt, touched, tasted, heard. Both inside and the outside of the so-called body boundaries. Awareness is the perceiving of all of it without any exception.

An open, vast field of awareness. An open awareness of the reality that is here and now, and in itself not separated from this reality.

You can experience it now. By just hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling, being it. This is what I mean with awareness.

And as you perhaps already can see for yourself, it is much vaster, much broader than what you usually perceive.

In fact, most people tend to perceive only small fragments of reality. They are therefore only aware of the fragments, which are seen as separated from the rest of reality, and those fragments people can fully devote themselves to.