Spiritual way of living

The word Spirituality has a great meaning to me, because it contains the word spirit and thereby points away from the body-mind, from the self-centered, me-oriented, individual and psychological dimension of existence and towards another, universal and open dimension of reality, for some even towards God.

If it is about spirituality – to me it does absolutely not mean any subculture-reserved, esoteric exercises, yoga, meditation practice as we know it, clairvoyance, reading the future, reincarnation trips, mystical experiences, religious practices or belief in god or higher powers.

Spirit and spirituality are terms that point to a different dimension of being and perceiving.

Different because much broader from the very limited one, in which most human beings use to live. Broader than the dimension of perceiving and living almost exclusively through the mind-made stories about me, and the others.

Spiritual way of living means going beyond those stories of the self-centered individual. It means discovering, experiencing and knowing, that we are not only a limited, tiny, more or less fearful body-mind with its stories about itself and the others, but also, and maybe much more an inseparable part of Life itself, and in constant connection with it.

Spirituality indicates therefore the possibility of a more universal way of looking, listening and living, which is rooted in awareness. It indicates being aware of and living knowingly in that universal dimension.