A few words of warning

“I think it all depends on how serious you are”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

When I watched this little video today, an insight came to me – namely that I have to warn my readers, which I may not have done clearly enough so far. As Krishnamurti says the only way to transformation of your life and yourself is serious, profound, deep preoccupation with the topics you will find on my side as well as many other places which deal with it seriously.  

And yet, even such a preoccupation is indeed liberating and transforming, but it also means that you have to go a very lonely path being lucky if you at all will meet one or two who can go with you. Like David Bohm who was so lucky having met Krishnamurti, even if only so late in his own life-story.

So if you too actually and really want to deal with the deeper questions of life, not only theoretically, but in terms of experience, you will soon find out, that you hardly find understanding by others.

When I heard David Bohm speaking, I felt and knew immediately and exactly how it feels to sit alone with these questions and insights. I personally only know two people who are serious about these issues. With 44, I didn’t meet any other person besides my own husband and a distant mail acquaintance – Steve Leasock, who understand what my site is about. And I must say that I have been looking for similarly minded people on Facebook as well as among my own old friends, but without luck, and often not without stumbling, relapses into unconsciousness and ignorance on my part…

It is true that some people want to discuss this topic with me, but they either move on a purely theoretical basis, or “translate” the topics into the well-known conditioned and fragmented world that they choose to live in. They may observe a lot, but from the very beginning with the wrong assumption about the origin of their observations. They observe the world with the misconception and ignorance of the origin of their observations. That’s because the basis of their observations and considerations, that is – themselves – has never been questioned. Therefore, any discussion with them is mostly very futile and troublesome.

The problem with existential, spiritual, deeper questions about life is, that they completely change our view on politics, psychology, science and so on. Most people, when they talk about any of those topics, do it on the basis that they already know who they are. Such basis makes serious discussion with them impossible for me. I can maybe operate on their basis for a while, because I myself also have been crippled, which means raised and conditioned to assume that I am Polish, a woman and such and such person, but I already know the illusory nature of these assumptions, and therefore cannot take them as serious anymore.

I would love to discuss with Krishnamurti, David Bohm, Toni Packer, Anthony de Mello or Osho, but they’re dead. And they’re very lonely for most of their lives too. Some other teachers who still are alive like Mooji or Rupert Spira are surrounded by noise of their followers. That’s why there are not many options for a heart to heart talk with like-minded people.

It is simply the fate of those who go deeper than they have been taught, that they have to be mostly alone, because the most people in this world aren’t conscious of their true nature, and are satisfied with the answers and theoretical concepts about life that have been served to them since childhood and until today.

The loneliness of the few who are not satisfied with the readymade answers, can still be very useful because one can dive deeper into one’s being, into awareness-work, into life itself. And yet I must warn you, that it may be also lonely and painful from time to time.

I remember even a year ago I still tried to search a little for like-minded people in the so-called spiritual circles, who unfortunately have no idea of ​​true spirituality confusing and mixing it with religion, esoteric or supernatural phenomena. I became both shocked and fascinated by the slander of spirituality that takes place in such circles. Even today, although I’m not on Facebook anymore, I sometimes look at the contributions in some of the groups. They post mostly short quotes sometimes from Krishnamurti, sometimes from Nelson Mandela, altogether without any sense, without any context, without any understanding, without any insight, without any depth. They play like children with such serious and important topics…! Posting one after the other quotes that exclude and contradict each other without recognizing the contradiction, being ignorant about the context. I don’t want to delve into it to much. It is indeed so childish, immature and ridiculous, that one has to cry and laugh at the same time. The fact is that, even if it is almost unbelievable, it is at the same time still very normal to live in complete blindness and unconsciousness about oneself and life, whether one moves in spiritual or worldly circles.

That’s why Krishnamurti is talking about being serious. He knows better than any other, how rare are the people who work with these topics really serious and not only on the surface, as a play or in order to kill time or get exciting experiences.  Hence his joy about meeting David Bohm or Vimala Thakar.

Yes.. This path is a very lonely one, no matter how many people you will be surrounded by in the future. Hardly anyone will understand you, most people will laugh at you, some will fight you, many argue with you, few escape from you, or another worship you without any depth or understanding of what you are pointing to… This is unfortunately also your path and something you can count on if you have started to recognize for yourself the truth of what you are reading on my site…

And perhaps the saddest thing is, that you, like me, may be bombarded with invitations from otherwise sweet and dear people, simply because they would like to have you nearby. The fact is that awareness-work will mostly make you to a carefree, relaxed, satisfied and uncomplicated being. Therefore the others want to be in your company. They also start to feel lighter, relaxed, inspired…

But you will see and recognize for yourself that over time you would rather choose the pain of loneliness than meeting people who are unable to be conscious and present. You will probably come to stand at the side of many people as a supporting arm and a comforting, inspiring spirit, but you will hardly find a conversation partner. These are the sad facts that I would like to share with you together with my joy of discovery.

Back to the video – I recommend all videos by Krishnamurti and Bohm that can be found on YouTube. You can also find books from both on my recommendation list.