Eternal consciousness

The awakening or the realization to the eternal now widens a life-form’s mental portal; then there is conscious space. There are two things that will occur once a person has mentally experienced this conscious dimension. We will be able to acknowledge and accept the true nature of this dimension without definition or label. Secondly, we will experience a deeper detachment from the details of our existence and, more so, you will understand without needing to ask how.

What benefits might this have for a person in daily activities? This would allow a person to become more carefree, even in situations that were defined as stressful or unbearable.

Going beyond the mental barries will allow a new level of acceptance to blossom when something happens, whether we like the situation or not. An individual will readily allow a state of detachment in reference to encounters with people, situations, thoughts and emotions.

This awakened state to the eternal now will steady and clear your mind, allowing space. You will often experience a state of being mentally free. This is a marvelous sensation. The mind is still processing (thinking). You will still make decisions. You will continue to respond to the mind, people and situations. The difference is that you will experience your existence from within the eternal now. You will become the now itself and not the content that we superimpose on it.

Deep awareness and acceptance of this dimension provides clarity and space. You will sense this through a freefalling detachment from anything that is happening within the momentary eternal now. The now will always be eternal. What changes is how you experience it.

There is magic within each moment but not because of the content. It is often easy to overlook the moment in itself due to a world of diversity. (…) The moment is now, but human content associated with memories, thoughts and conditioned behavior are often interpreted by the mind as being real. The magic is beyond these superficialities regardless of how genuine they may seem. The mind implants a false image or images of now onto the current situation. Then it tells us something is happening, although it is only mind made.

The mind’s projections are usually so vivid that we are unaware of the real magic that is possible within the moment. The benefits of realizing the now are both immediate and long term. Responding to the moment as a whole (oneness) expands awareness and allows you to see beyond all the content abstracts. This will additionally allow a portal to remain open between object and universal consciousness.

“Be the silent watcher” of your thoughts and behavior. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the love and joy beneath the pain”- Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Memories will eventually develop from within this field of awareness as a state of consciousness instead of object content conditioning. This will result in experiences that are mostly free of thought manipulations and restrictions. You will spontaneously see yourself, the world and the universe from a clearer perspective of unification, not separation. This is the magic of life, and you are the magician.

A magician hast truly mastered the art of illusion through knowledge that originates beyond the illusion. It may often not seem true, but you are magically manifesting your surroundings, the world, and universe through your interaction with the object self, universal self and life, all of which are actually one and the same. There is always an opportunity to observe the universe from two primary perspectives. You have a choice in each moment to either remain lost in the illusions of your own creation or acknowledge the knowledge of life through conscious living. The second perspective relating to living consciously is beneficial to experiencing balance, harmony, and enlightenment regarding life.

The process of going beyond illusions of our existence depends of each person’s state of consciousness. It is equally beneficial to acknowledge that the self or oneness of life has remained unattainable through many misinterpretations, including how we see ourselves. The journey to enlightenment, which is not really a journey, begins and ends with you. Thus, it is vital that you know and honor thyself. The oneself.

Consciousness is the one constant. Life equals consciousness. Is this a plausible idea? Perhaps it would also be appropriate to say that consciousness can experience itself through objects and forms. A form itself may not have actual self-consciousness until a certain level of evolution. Nevertheless, there is a dimension within and beyond life that offers the potential for absolute consciousness. Object consciousness evolves as the form evoleves. Life-form consciousness is a reflection, a manifestation of the one consciousness. The awakening of self-awareness, and thus consciousness, initiated a duality into our existence.

It is at this point that a form (species) will usually personalize consciousness. A species (such as human) then starts to see consciousness as my consciousness or our consciousness. What happens to the state of absolute consciousness at this point? It is still there, isn’t it?

The level of conscious awareness depends on the state of evolution of any given form. We have reached a stage that offers a true glimpse into universality. Two options could be considered in relation to our state of awakening. We can accept this awakening as a gift. This gift provides an opening into a cooperative existence with life (universal consciousness). Or we can continue to allow our creative and emotionally bound intelligence to orchestrate a human reality based on denial and illusion.

The determining factor in conscious enlightenment is how awakened any life-form is to the absolute consciousness that is manifesting through any particular form. It would be easier to chuck out such words as conscious enlightenment, awakening, or even conscious manifestation. This term could be simplified by saying that enlightenment is a fine-tuned state of presence (now).

How truly present are you now?

– Steve Leasock – Love Will Show You the Way –