It is simply what we have learned so far

“If powerful men and women

could remain centered in the Tao,

all things would be in harmony.

The world would become a paradise.

All people would be at peace,

and the law would be written in their hearts.”

– Tao Te Ching, chapter 32, translated by Stephen Mitchell –

I myself find it more and important that people awaken from the world of form (body, objects, mind, thoughts, feelings) to the world of silent presence, that is, to the world of awareness/consciousness. Knowing this world, the world that is beyond and “underneath” or “behind” or “all around” all forms, is the only help for the so confused, suffering and restless human being, because only there can lasting mental health and sanity arise in our world.

But I don’t fool myself anymore, believing many can awaken, because I understood, that this still seem to be a very rare phenomenon. I myself can see that not one of the people I knew and know, not one of my friends other than two-three persons, is really familiar with this second world of consciousness or even wants to be. Most only know the world of form and only live in this world. They know themselves only as a form, as a body, and assume wrongly that consciousness is personal and located in the body.

That’s why they hardly appreciate the conscious moments of presence when there is only consciousness, only silent presence, but no thoughts at all.

No words, no mind, no mental concepts, no future, no past, no “me”, no “you”, no things, and therefore no separation.

This “thoughtless state” means being present, being aware. One is not asleep, one is alert and aware, one uses all senses, but there are no words, no verbalization, no speculations, no concepts of the content.

We recover only there, we connect there with the universal energy, and only then can thoughts, concepts, ideas arise, which are fresh, creative, kind, loving, holistic and compassionate. Thoughts, concepts and ideas are truly useful if they come from this “place”. Useful not for oneself only, but for the humankind and the whole world, because of their universal nature and insight to the wholeness of the world not only to some fragments.

Whoever does not know how to stay in this silence, either because one never has really noticed it, (even it is always here), or one can hardly stand it, does not trust it, or doesn’t know how to appreciate it, can only be the slave of his/her own thoughts, meaning of his/her mind, which is conditioned, mechanistic, automatic, personal and never fresh because not rooted in the universal intelligence.

And so even though we all are crafted with the intelligence of the entire universe , we have no access to it! We simply overlook the gate to it, the gate of the silent, thouthless presence that offers itself to us from moment to moment.

I think that the real motivation for self-inquiry often comes when one first gets to know and appreciate this quiet presence without any mental noise, without any separation. Then one would like to know (of course!) what prevents this silent attention from always being here, or at least from always being perceivable. One simply wants to know, what makes IT to just short-term events.

And then one learns, mainly in an experiential way, through non-judgmental self-observation about the human, and the origin of the obstacles to being present, to connecting with the universal intelligence.

One begins to understand that the main obstacle lies in our almost exclusive attention to the mental noise of the thoughts triggering feelings and emotions triggering reactions.

Furthermore one understands also that our cultural conditioning, programming, and our beliefs, are responsible for the fact that we focus on the mind only, and overlook the silent awareness / presence constantly. It is simply what we have learned so far.

All of this happens as if by itself, even if one may have the feeling that it is sometimes “my” awareness-work. And sometimes it can feel like an effort to an individual. This is only because the deep ingrown habit is to pay attention to the mind and its voices, and not the silent awareness, and therefore resistance arises. And every resistance feels exhausting, feels like an effort.

And yet there are still two or three who stick with this work, who simply fell in love with the silent presence too much, and trust in it, who want to know all obstacles to live rooted in this universal energy field of all life, who know themselves as inseparable from it and wish to live from this “place”.

If there were more than just two or three, here and there – our world would not be recognizable, it would be transformed.