Presence is the key to love and to life

Please reflect upon the following sentence.

You ”think” that you want or need love, and this is what stops you from truly loving.

What this means is that most people are manipulated and restricted by the mind. The mind’s activities and energy frequencies can overshadow every aspect of a person’s existence. This happens when he or she is living unconsciously or unaware of presence. A person will become obsessed with thoughts or emotions about love and forget how easy it is to simply love.

This is what happens in most of our experiences. We confuse thoughts and emotions with it. The it I am referring to is life, love, presence and consciousness.

So the mind desires love, wants love, and even demands it. But this causes a person to overlook the fact that love is everywhere and constantly present.

The conditioned mind obscures the universal energy flow of love as well as life. The mind frequencies that are interwoven with thoughts and emotions can interrupt the simple state of loving. We innately know how easy it is to love, but too many factors interfere with the simplicity of loving.

This is also evident in our interaction with life. It is enough to simply live, but the mind takes this simple state of being and complicates it.

This pattern of mind complexity will continue until a person has significantly shifted from mind to conscious existence.

If you wish to love, then simply love, if you wish to truly live, then simply live. It is easy to experience true love and share this with someone.

Presence is the key to love and to life.

You may be surprised by the sudden blossoming of both as you become more and more aware. Love and life are aspects of universal oneness that we all share.

– Steve Leasock – Love Will Show You the Way –