It is very easy to “be present”

Some people may be unsure of what “being aware” or “being present” (I use them mostly  synonymous) means. The “now”, the present moment is always there, here and now, absolutely accessible to everyone, and yet, since we mostly pay attention to our thoughts, daydreams, phantasies, plans in the present moment, we may overlook the brief moments between one and the next thought.

But these are exactly those moments that we wish to become aware of, here in our awareness-work.

To become aware of these moments between one thought and the next, or between one sound and the next, while at the same time realizing that you are here, in the body, here where you sit, stand, lie, walk, is the essence of “being present”.

To be able to step out of the mental noise at least briefly but totally consciously, being there where the body is, is to enter the area of ​​sanity.

Indeed, it is very easy to “be present”, this in itself is not an art. The problem is that most people are dependent on the compulsive thinking, pondering, daydreaming, fantasizing. Furthermore they seem to derive their entire life content and meaning from there, they seem only to live from there.

Therefore, the moments without thought mostly seem meaningless, colorless. Because it’s not about them and their stories.

And yet, when we actually start to show more interest to these moments, it transforms our entire life …

That is why those who have recognized the value of “being present” love to sing about it. As Mooji once said, it is the greatest discovery in the human kingdom. But it starts so uninteresting. Just being aware of the moments between two thoughts, just being consciously where the body is. What’s special with it?

Our mind loves it difficult, complicated, important, full of content. But this approach is the opposite. What can it be good for, when I have to think about all the important issues?

Countless books have already been written about the life-changing advantages, both immediate and those which arise later, and you can also read about them on my website in many articles. Believe it or not. You will never know if that, what we are claiming and suggesting is true, until you examine it for yourself.

For most people the pull, the attractiveness and importance of the content in their heads seems still to overshadow everything. Hence they are not “present”, not “aware” of the now, and if, so only partially.

At the same time there is a global wave of awakening from life based solely on the content of the head to life in the now, to “being and living in the present moment”, even if I personally know such people almost only from certain articles and books.

Whether you are one of those people who are in the global process of awakening, depends on whether you want to give yourself the chance to pay attention to these moments between your thoughts.