They just want to taste the honey, but not be the honey

People love the light, the great, alert masters, mystics, sages, authorities spread, but almost no one wants to know where this light comes from.

People are mostly not willing, not interested and courageous enough to go the way those great humans point to. They just want to taste the honey, but not be the honey, as Mooji says. They want to have the pleasure of being in company of such beings, but don’t really want to become such a being. That would be too much work for them.

But the path of self-discovery, the path of awakening, as well as the path of consciously being that, one is searching for in other people, cannot be found alone by being in the company of them, nor can it be found in books and scriptures, or repeating words written by them. It can only be found when we stop looking for the taste of honey through others that probably have found it, and start searching for the honey, for the source in ourselves.

One thing can be said about this search: if it is genuine – it is a lonely path. I understand now why all those, who have gone this way, say so. And yet if you dare, you will come to experience yourself as the honey, so you will never again depend on others in order to taste it for few moments.