Let yourself be surprised

When I speak of awareness, I do not mean self-confidence, self-assessment, or self-awareness meaning awareness of me and my life, me, and what is happening to me, me and my story. I don’t mean awareness of a current self-image (it changes constantly) that we have of ourselves. I don’t mean the way we are aware of ourselves as a person. It is not a personal self-awareness, with labels, self-definitions and judgments about who and how we are, but a pure, silent, non-judgmental and comment-less wakefulness, alertness, observation and attention that voluntarily affects both our inner and outer world.

It is that kind of awareness, which – if we give it our time and appreciation – paves the way to liberation, as thus to fulfilling and happy life.

Yes, the power of awareness is the most underestimated and overlooked treasure in the world, maybe because it is a silent power. Nevertheless, I can tell you, it is the most powerful tool of transformation. Silent observation, silent listening, being silent with yourself and everything else is the key to life in fulfillment and gratitude, peace and wisdom. It makes the whole life worth living. You do not believe me? That’s ok, and no surprise for me.

And yet, if you still want to make this effort, at least for few weeks, instead of living mechanically, reactively and unaware, because lost in your thoughts, just try to wander around, go to work and wherever you have to go and just be receptive and attentive without interpreting the things that you experience, without pondering about them. And if interpreting and pondering takes place, be aware of it too. And if you should speak yourself, or act and react mechanically, try to watch this too, if you can. Listen to the sound of your voice, to the words, to the opinions that come from you, as well as to the words of others. Listen to the sounds around you. Watch attentive, just wait and see. And let yourself be surprised.