The Greatness of Being – Book recommendation

I would like to remind you of the greatness of Being, that all we ever need is to be found in the Self. All that we seek in this world that is truly lasting—true happiness, joy, peace, light, space—are inside of us. They are ever present, but for a while we don’t see them because we search for fulfillment in the field of the ephemeral, the changeful. Only at the eleventh hour do we turn to the Self. Such procrastination is not wise, though it is common.

For thousands of years, human beings have been exploring the nature of who we are and the purpose of our being here on this planet. Many found what they were searching for, but billions of forms who were once called “people” are no longer here. They are gone.

And now it is our turn—we are the living wave. We entered into manifestation to walk on this planet as contemporaries and to take our chance at finding that which is imperishable in us. All of us have this opportunity to find true freedom, and no one is exempt, no one is disqualified, because the light of consciousness burns in everyone.

The world encourages us to look from the limited sense of personhood—a very unstable standpoint from which we are always trying to find balance on very shaky ground. But you must learn to look from your source Being.

Your Being is vaster than sky, greater than space—and it is already here. Look from your stillness, not from your agitation.

You don’t have to go even a fraction of an inch away from where you are right now to find the silence and stillness of your Being. And from here you can observe the energetic streams that are pulling your attention to go out into the field of noise and personhood, where beings are suffering from person-poison, from the toxicity of ego.

You have picked up this book, and some power within you has brought you to find something deeper than you have found so far.

And it is so simple! Begin by looking from the place of your stillness: it is already here. Don’t combine yourself with any mode of time or any concept, and immediately you will find yourself in a realm of neutrality, spaciousness, and silence. Even if the tree of the mind is shaking furiously, that movement is watched from the place of stillness.

Learn to cultivate this habit of paying more attention to the stable sense of Being rather than to the agitated sense of becoming, because the becomings are unending. Get acquainted with the stability of Being; get used to the feeling of emptiness. It will not harm you. In fact, by so honoring your Self, you will come into a field of great joy, peace, love, trustworthiness, and aliveness. This is true self-respect. You will lose nothing from the world of activity—it will go better because you will no longer be wasting energy, and misconceptions will fall away. It is win-win all the way.

I wonder why it takes us so long? Are the fruits of the world so sweet that they could compete with the beauty of your own Self?

This is a mighty existence, and it is beyond our human capacities to comprehend its full potential. But in the simple steps that are being pointed to here—of reverting the attention back to the place of stillness and silence within—we may realize that potential. It is time to leave behind childish attitudes and begin to pay a little more attention to what is really here. This is a time-body, a mortal body, but an immortal presence is moving in it. While the body is still warm, use this bodily life to rediscover your timeless Being.

– Mooji – Vaster Than Sky Greater Than Space, Preface –