It is not enough for a real meeting

It is not enough for a real meeting

I can only really and truly meet you where there is no past or future between us. No fear, desire, helplessness that your feeling of separation gave birth to. To look me straight in the face, you have to stand on your own feet, look with your own eyes and speak with your own voice. I don’t want to get lost in the thicket of your poor, fearful, speculative, and so confused mind. Know that only suffering comes from dependance and submission. I know it now.

Otherwise I can just sit there for you, while you – running back and forth – are completely away, in your dream, in your personal story about the duties, dangers and pleasures of life.

But it is not enough for a real meeting.

I can only sit and look at you. Wondering. Do you ever wake up from the dream? Or are you still not ready to live? Not ready to share with others from the endless intelligence of your heart?

Maybe not in this life. Peace be with you no matter where your mind leads you. But you cannot really meet me unless you get the aspiration to become the master of your own mind thicket.

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