Looking for the pleasant? Looking for states? Or looking for truth?

Welcome the totality of your experience without any interpretation, judgement, comparison, conclusion. Just the facts. Let the facts unfold. Ask yourself the question “Under the current circumstances are there still personal thoughts, personal feelings present?”

Understand that sense perceptions are impersonal, bodily sensations are impersonal, practical thoughts are impersonal, creative thoughts are impersonal, thoughts about the truth are impersonal.

Now what do we do if there are personal thoughts and feelings left? They are just thoughts of like and dislike, fear and desire. We certainly don’t try to eliminate them, nor do we try to do what they are asking us to do. We stay on the razors edge. Not trying to escape them, to eliminate them, but not becoming subservient to them.

Looking for that which is pleasant, trying to avoid that which is unpleasant is not the position of one who is in love with truth. Looking for truth regardless of what is pleasant or unpleasant is the position.

See where are you stand in your meditation. Looking for the pleasant? Looking for states? Or looking for truth? Be clear with yourself. Completely clear.

When you are looking for truth, all states become neutral. The pleasant ones cease to be pleasant, the unpleasant ones cease to be unpleasant.

What used to make the pleasant ones pleasant was our attachment to maintain them, our desire for them. What used to make the unpleasant ones unpleasant was our fear of them. Without desire, without fear the pleasantness and unpleasantness of states comes to an end. Everything becomes neutral.

See where you stand. Is that your experience?

If that is not your experience, and you think you are meditating, you are simply telling yourself a story.

Ask yourself then again: “What it is that I am looking for? Truth or a pleasant state?”

And see all the dislikes and likes arise. Either about images we cultivate in the mind such as “He or she likes me. He or she doesn’t like me” or bodily sensations, in fact tensions, unaccepted tensions. So we create tensions and we create a non-acceptance of the tensions, which is one more tension. And we want the result that we can observe. We want an object. See the mechanisms. It would still be one more object. The release of this tension. The enlightenment. On more object. One more expectation.

We are already light. That which is here in these words is the light we need and we are it. Let go of everything else. Surrender it to this light. From moment to moment. Let go of everything else. Body, senses, mind… Don’t desire any privileged direction for the unfolding of the body, the senses, the mind, the world. Our desire for the situation to unfold in a certain direction is part of the situation.

From moment to moment surrender the body, the thoughts, the feelings to the consciousness in which they appear.

– Fracis Lucille – Truth or a Pleasant State, Meditation –