There is something magical about awareness

I will soon have the privilege of going to work using one of my favorite walking paths. Not only does it take fifteen minutes to reach the destination, but I walk from the house to the new school where I teach, through fields, mosses and meadows! I almost feel like the small, stubborn, red-haired and wonderful Ann from Green Gabels on her own way to school.

I am heartily grateful for having been given such an opportunity, no matter how long it will stay like this. I notice more and more that life somehow adapts itself to my spiritual development. As if it offers me constantly like  “on purpose”, less distractions and more independence, aloneness, leisure and contemplation opportunities that I eagerly and gratefully accept. In this sense even the lost some friends has also been a great possibility to contemplate abandonment, loneliness, aloneness and the need for spiritual soulmates. With the result that I now know that it is possible to be happy and at peace without. Especially when they themselves are asleep.

The more time has passed since my first spiritual awakening, the clearer it becomes to me what is really important in this life. Namely to live and become aware of life itself in all facets, as well as of myself as the inseparable part of this life.

This awareness-thing is really less and less about achieving personal goals and personal pleasures. It is rather an expansion of the personal little me to the totality of life. In this sense, I also notice more and more that although I am writing for myself on this page, I am not doing it to enrich myself personally, but as kind of universal service, in service of all humanity and the world. Whether my words reach someone or not, is not my business. And if they reach only a few people, these people make waves around themselves, and spread the universal energy of my writings to others. Nobody can predict how big circles it will draw or say for sure why this writing happens, but it becomes clear that it happens.

The person Iwi and her needs, wishes, longings become less and less important, even if the person Iwi benefits enormously from this writing. The more we delve into awareness work, the more opportunity we will get to deepen it even more, and this benefits also the personal life.

There is something magical about awareness. Indeed magic and small miracles begin to take hold of the entire existence. Coincidences such as the possibility of meditating in the nature on the way to work, or that, if I have an insight, I read it almost literally on the same day, in an apparently accidentally picked up book, happen now daily. In this sense I feel more and more confirmed that awareness does its work, and somehow more and more paves the way to more insights, more opening, more expansion, more universality.

In this sense I take a loving farewell from all the unnecessary mind distractions as good as it is possible for me, and continue on the only meaningful way, I have discovered until now. Through the fields, mosses and meadows, open and full of gratitude for whatever will cross my path.