About this site

We all have something in common. Namely life. One life or being, which finds its expression in different forms. One of the forms is the human form, which, thanks to our human brain, is also able to observe, contemplate and share our views with others. That is exactly what I intend to do on this site, where I like to express myself through words as well as through photography.

I cannot say whether my way of expressing myself should be of interest to others or not. However, it is the case that life likes to communicate in my form. Especially since one day it became clear to me that I am not only living life, but that I am Life. This crucial recognition led me to delve into questions of living and being, and the delving brought with it a series of observations, reflections, contemplations and discoveries, which in my case became absolutely life-changing. That’s maybe why I would now like to share these life-changing discoveries with you.

In category “What Others Say” you will find voices, that have inspired me over several years and confirmed my new perspective on life. I still love to read and listen to them, simply because they are the few who look at life and being like I do. These voices come from the spiritual world, and often operate with spiritual concepts and terminology. Spiritual concepts differ from philosophical ones in this sense, that they point to direct experience and not only to thinking-activity. In this way they are practical and immediately applicable, that is, concepts that are meant to be translated into living. Something that I was often missing in all the years of studying at the university and reading world literature, and that I really appreciate about spirituality.

If it is about my own writings, they seem to reflect the maturation process I am going through, as well as my search for expression. They also have a therapeutic effect on me. You may also notice that while many of the old writings are still influenced by the spiritual terminology, over time I start to distance myself more and more from the spiritual terms. I have too often observed, how for many people the spiritual terminology has become more of an obstacle than an aid in order to apply and internalize what has been heard or read. However, I cannot completely avoid the word “spirituality” or “spirit”. They are the most useful words for me at the moment, that point to something deeper within us. In contrast to our usual focus on the material and psychological aspects of life, spirituality stands for something that includes those two, and at the same time goes beyond those. Real spirituality simply invites to deeper observation and contemplation of ourselves and life. Since people usually associate a lot with the word “spirituality”, I explain in my articles exactly what I do not mean with it, and what my understanding of spirituality is.

What is important to me is, that what I share should not be reserved for any special spiritual or religious subculture. I myself am neither religious nor belong to any spiritual groups. I try to use the language in as universal way as possible, so that it can be understandable for everybody. Therefore in the category: “Writings”, you will find articles both about every day life, the deeper dimensions within and the spiritual approach to life, written in language as common, ordinary and worldly as possible.

About me

I was born in Poland. My childhood was more of a traumatic, almost pathological kind. I spent youth and part of my adult life in Germany, where I lived against my will, together with my mother, her German husband, and the twelve years younger brother, and then later – with my friend and ex-husband. In Germany I studied cultural studies, new history and the history and culture of Eastern and Central Europe. I was particularly interested in everyday culture, film and music, but also fascinated by Russian culture, language and literature with Dostoevsky as my favorite author. In many years I also worked as an archivist, librarian and translator at a research institute for Eastern and Central Europe Studies.

Always different, striking in the crowd and quite lonely, despite the sociable personality, I was looking for an alternative way of living, and people with whom I could talk about it. I found a lot of narrow-mindedness in this world, no matter where I was seeking, be it alternative, left, green, eco-scenes, punk rock subcultures, spiritual subcultures, conservative, middle class, intellectual, university circles, working class, etc. Each single time disillusioned, I tried to surround myself with only a few, quite unconventional people, with whom I could share my quite outstanding and critical view of the world and society, as well as relax and be myself.

I completely rejected television and politics in many years because I held the foundations for the whole human society and culture dysfunctional. On dysfunctional foundations, I saw no way of doing politics, culture or reforms. Everything seemed pretty hopeless and senseless, so I retired to the world of literature, music, nature and very close friendships.

Until I met and married a similar loner. Since he is Danish, I moved to Denmark and learned the language quite quickly, in which I have been teaching foreigners for several years. Together with the marriage, the spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle and Mooji came into our lives, and we immediately understood why we have felt so lonely in this world.

I started meditating, but realizing that something still was lacking, I began to observe and contemplate life and myself anew.

I am deeply grateful to Eckhart Tolle and all the other spiritual teachers for making it clear to my husband and me, that the alternative way of living has always been right ahead of our noses. We have missed the obvious in so many years as we have been looking for the solution to our loneliness and alienation in the outside. But in the end it became clear to us, that we had all the answers and solutions in ourselves, and now it was time to discover and recognize them. And that is exactly what I am doing here.